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Why do Mosquitoes Bite Some People More Than Others

Have you wondered why some people find mosquitoes more annoying than others? Part of the reason could be that they’re more likely to be bit by mosquitoes. They’re the ones Always wanting to get a mosquito treatment in Rosenberg.

Believe it or not, mosquitoes judge how attractive you are to them as well. Some people are naturally more attractive to mosquitoes than others. Let us find out how through this article.

Body Odor

Don’t worry, mosquitoes are not attracted to people who smell the worst. They don’t have a nose like ours and can’t judge the way we do. Mosquitoes are attracted to certain compounds or bacteria present in the chemicals we secrete through our skin.

If you naturally produce secretion attractive to mosquitoes, the longer you go without washing yourself, the more you’ll be susceptible to getting bit. However, no matter how clean you are, you will attract more of these pests than the people near you.

Heat And Vapor

Mosquitoes are naturally drawn to warm and wet places. They prefer being at places containing more carbon dioxide. This is why you’ll find mosquitoes more active during summers.

If you’re an athlete and have recently done a physically exhaustive session, your body is likely to be wet and warm. This makes you more attractive to mosquitoes. Guess humans are not the only ones drawn to athletes.


If you prefer wearing black clothes, we’ve got some bad news for you. Mosquitoes are naturally drawn towards black. Therefore, if you have black hair, you’ll see more mosquitoes flying over your head as compared to someone with blonde hair.

mosquito treatment in Rosenberg

Summing It Up

Mosquitoes have their feeding and host preferences too. There are certain things about you which will make you either more or less attractive to them. While some things such as your clothing colors can be altered, your natural odor can’t.