townhome property management in Crown Point, IN

Managing Property When Owner Absent

There can be nothing worse than what is known as the absentee landlord. Just ask any tenant who has been victimised and/or harassed by his free agents or dons and they will tell you that he is one of the most despicable creatures that ever lived.

Whilst property levels remain endemic, it does not look as though this species of cockroach will be exterminated any day soon. Speaking of which; have you seen what this absentee landlord’s property stock looks like?

It is covered from top to bottom with cockroaches and all known species of vermin that you can imagine. Eve snakes have a habit of dropping from the sky. Apparently they need to eat too and by the looks, or smell, of things, there is plenty of food to go around.

But cupboards are bare for a majority of poor tenants. Working or not, how are they expected to put food on the table when their monthly rent keeps on going up and up and up. The absentee landlord expects his rent to be paid yesterday. But he is not prepared to fix up this mess of a place he luridly refers to as his investments.

He must be stupid. He should know that there will be no return of investment from this current state of affairs. No way, Jose. But the responsible property owner? Well now, with too much to do elsewhere, he does the responsible thing of investing in townhome property management in Crown Point, IN. And when he does this, it becomes a case of keeping everyone happy.

townhome property management in Crown Point, IN

He, for one thing, certainly is. His rent and lease fees are being collected on time every month. Of course, by this time, his valuable tenants are happy to oblige.